Retail Trends Spectrum (digital report)

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What it is?
This is a trend-based innovation report based on field and forecasting research at euroshoptradefair 2023 - the No. 1 trade fair in the world. 1 in the world retail trade fair. 7 mega trends, 13 macro trends and more than 30 solutions that are future-proof. The report also presents: 4 possible and probable future scenarios and 10 new retail models.

The online product is a file that has 110 pages of synthesized research information.

For whom?
If you are interested in the ongoing changes in retail, looking for inspiration and solutions for your industry: this content is for you.

What's more?
We realize that a completely different reception of information takes place during a presentation, conversation and #co-creation. That's why we are happy to guide you through the report, prepare examples from the angle of your industry and conduct workshops on the application of #trends and #newsalesmodels.

If you bought the report but are hungry for knowledge get back to us! We'd be happy to talk to you.