Sustainable Consumer Archetype Card Deck

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Product description:

What is it?
• deck of 21 cards (7 archetype cards and 14 process cards)
• tool that explores different consumer approaches to sustainability
• each archetype represents a different combination of motivations
• you will receive a manual for the cards  

Sustainable Consumer Archetype Cards
the cards include both general descriptions and insightful statements that reflect the mindset of these consumers, inspiring you to think about your product, service, project from different perspectives. The cards show how to communicate and how to design products and services for sustainability to diverse groups of consumers.

The Process Cards
represent how consumers approach the various stages of a product's life cycle. Discover their perspectives on production, use and sustainability requirements.

For whom?
The Sustainable Consumer Archetype Cards are ideal for people in a variety of fields - whether you:
• are a designer,
• work in a creative office,
• work in marketing,
• run a business, or
• you are simply interested in sustainability.

Increase your understanding of sustainable consumer behavior and strengthen your business decisions with our thought-provoking card decks.