Circular Loop Canvas (reusable magnetic print)

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Product description:

What is it?
Our proprietary tool to support the assessment of circular industry practices. 
An original diagram developed by Ergodesign team, which can show a product’s full lifecycle while taking into account all use cycles and incorporating the role of the users and the capabilities of the manufacturer.

Printed version of the circular loop canvas on a magnetic surface in B1 format.
Reusable printing is a more sustainable option than a one-time print on paper.

For whom?
This is an ideal choice if you intend to work with this tool during workshops with your team or clients.  

Where did this price come from?
You are probably wondering where the price comes from when you can download the source material from our site for free. That's right, we want the knowledge supporting good practices to be widespread, but it costs money to produce a canvas that is reusable.

The cost per use is not high at all, assuming that you will use this canvas several times a month for at least a year (and we guarantee that the canvas will serve you for many years). You can calculate yourself that the cost per use will be lower than printing a one-time paper version and definitely a more sustainable option.