Our Mission

is for design teams to make sustainable and conscious decisions when creating products, services and experiences. We want to spread tools and knowledge that support designers and entrepreneurs in sustainable development.

Our goals

We want sustainable & circular thinking to become the norm no matter if it is:


The aspect of sustainability is important to include in the design assumptions so if you are planning the goals of your brand, product, service or experience our tools are for you.


We want project teams to deliver projects that nurture the sustainability aspect at every stage. We want circular thinking to become the only path for creating products and making responsible decisions.


Nowadays it takes a lot of courage to implement a new product into an already filled market, our tools will help you do it consciously.

Our physical products will be created when we gather a sufficient level of interest.

Why? We don't want to contribute to the production of unnecessary things.
As designers, we know that even the best assumptions and designs need to be tested.