Design tools for Conscious Creators

We have crafted various tools and methodologies to facilitate sustainable design decisions when creating products and services. Our solutions are based on the principles of a circular economy. These tools are rooted in our 30 years of Ergodesign expertise and over 5 years of experience in designing for the circular economy

Tools in action

All of our tools are sent blank and with a completed example to better explain how to use them.

Highly recommended for any designer looking to infuse sustainability into their work!"

Ergodesign client

They've completely transformed my design process, fostering a more sustainable, eco-conscious approach.

Ergodesign client

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Digital tools

The digital work environment has become an everyday experience that is why our tools are available in digital form.

Physical products

When we collect a sufficient level of interest in products that are actually needed they will be available for purchase in physical form. We do not want to add a contribution to the production of waste.

Mobile whiteboards

A tool to support design teams during creative, collaborative work - coming in 2024/2025

Cards | Printed tools

Designers often work with physical materials so we plan to implement printed decks of cards to facilitate the work of creating sustainable designs.


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